Electric Cable Wire Factory

cheap electric wire factory
cheap electric wire factory

Huadong Cable Group is a cable factory in China, and we export the cable to all over the world, such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, aue, South Africa, America, Canda, and other areas. If you want to buy electric wire with low price, you can contact with us, here is the email. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

The conductor of cheap electrical wire has three types: solid, stranded and flexible. Whatever any types, they may use one of them. Therefore, if you want to get accurate information, you can directly search solid electrical wire factory, stranded electrical wire manufacturers or flexible electrical wire suppliers on google. Then you may get a complete result, which is related with your wants.

As a experienced electric cable wire factory, we have some tips for you when you buy.


1. Choosing suitable cross section. On the one hand, it should satisfy the need of current electricity. On the other hand, it also need to bear the short circuit. Once the short circuit happens, electric wire should be stable.

2. Choosing the suitable voltage. The voltage you choose should be more than or equal the rated voltage of power supply system in the installation point.

3. Calculating the voltage drop according to the length, and seeing if it is within the requirement.

4. The solid electric wire should have excellent discharge resistance.

5. Electrical wire must have flexible performance and mechanical strength. It must easy to install, and should can bare the mechanical external pull in the package, delivery and installation.

6. The insulation should own long-term  stability.

As we all know, we often use low price electrical wire cable in the building and house. Therefore, it is related with our security. You should get a high quality electric cable, and the quality is the first choice. Then you can pick it from the  electric wire price list. Click here, you will received electric wire for sale .  Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

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