Low Price Insulated Solid Copper Wire for Sale

insulated solid copper wire free samples and packages
insulated solid copper wire free samples and packages

Solid core copper wire is often used in the domestic installation, such as for lighting, internal wiring of distribution and switching boxes equipment. It is one type of electrical wire. We often call it insulated solid copper wire or solid copper cable. If you want to use in the house or building, you can consider insulated solid copper wire. But there is one thing you should pay attention to, it is voltage. In general, the voltage often is 300v – 500v or 450c – 750v. You can choose through your application. When you send the inquiry or email, you just need to write them in the requirement. There are 8 gauge solid copper wire14 gauge solid copper wire18 gauge solid copper wire and so on. As a professional solid copper wire manufacturer, our professional seller will quote professionally for you. So just tell us the inquiry, the discount solid core copper wire with low price is waiting for you. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

How to get the best insulated solid copper wire?

solid copper wire material copper - huadong
solid copper wire material copper – huadong

In the domestic decoration, the wiring is very important. If there is one mistake, it will cause some unexpected things. Once happens, it will cause the danger, whatever the wealth or lives. One important step is choosing wire. According the application of solid core copper wire, you must need this kind of wire. With the development of economy and the cable industry, there are all kind of insulated solid copper wire. You should pick up high-quality solid copper wire with reasonable price. I will strongly recommend you our solid core copper wire. Huadong can promise you the high quality. If you send the inquiry, we can give you a very preferential price. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

solid core copper wire you can choose from huadong
solid core copper wire you can choose from huadong

Now I want to give some advice about choosing insulated solid copper wire. I hope you will be easy to choose your wanted products. Different application has different requirement about the size. In general, if you use it as lighting wire, you can choose 1.5mm solid copper wire. Socket line is 2.5mm solid core copper wire, and air conditioning line can be 4mm insulated solid copper wire. There is the common wire, and you can choose like this. Or you can choose according your condition. You’d better ask professional person. About safety, every little point is the big things. As a professional solid core copper wire suppliers, I have watched many stands from different countries. So it is a good way to know your usually standards. After you make a decision, we can provide your wanted solid copper cable for you. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

What can we do for you?

solid copper cable factory - huadong
solid copper cable factory – huadong

Huadong Cable Group is a manufacturer, which owns solid core copper wire factory. With over 30 years of producing experience, we owns skillful workers and experts, advanced equipment, strict testing. Before solid core copper wire leave the factory, it will be tested strictly. You can trust the quality of insulated solid copper wire. With over 15 years of export experience. We build good cooperation relationship with a lot of customer from all over the world. If you can give us a chance to cooperate, I am sure you won’t not loose. Sometimes, an inquiry doesn’t matter. But sometimes it is a chance, and a chance to get a new solution. Why don’t try it! We are waiting for you with all time. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

insulated solid copper wire customer cases - huadong
insulated solid copper wire customer cases – huadong

We have keeping cooperation relationship, and we accept many customers from all over the world. We are looking forward to our cooperation. You can send the inquiry now, we will reply as soon as possible. Email: sales@hdcelectricalwire.com.

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